NanoArchival provides ultra-long term archival solutions to enterprise customers, based on its proprietary, patented nickel Nanofiche™ technology breakthrough. 

Nanofiche is the most durable and efficient analog archival media ever developed -- it lasts for thousands of years under a range of conditions, needs no environmental maintenance, and can store more than 1 million pages or images in a single 8.5*11 inch sheet. 

Nanofiche can be retrieved optically with a microscope or with a computerized scanning device that integrates seamlessly with any digital document retrieval and CMS.

Located in Rochester, New York, the imaging technology capital of the USA, NanoArchival is led by Bruce Ha, accomplished entrepreneur and former Senior Research Scientist at Kodak, the inventor of Nanofiche™ technology. Bruce has received numerous accolades for his optical technologies and was the inventor of the hybrid PictureCD technology before becoming an entrepreneur. His technologies are in use by major corporations including Microsoft, and other leading archival, software and high security technology companies.

NanoArchival's investors include Magical Technologies, a science and technology innovation incubator in Los Angeles, as well as Stamper Technology, another venture formed by Bruce Ha which manufactures optical discs. 

NanoArchival works closely with leading archival organizations, including The Arch Mission Foundation. 

For the Arch Mission Foundation, NanoArchival has manufactured an advanced Nanofiche payload containing 30 million pages of archival data, which is landing on the Moon in 2019. Several subsequent lunar missions are already scheduled, as well as projects to store large amounts of Nanofiche in locations around planet Earth.